About Us

We believe and care about a host of issues and topics here at Book Hubbub. We think reading is a crucial activity for everyday life. Without books, we don’t feel like a complete human being. You will always find us with a book in our purse or backpack.

We love Chicago, and think its a fabulous place to call home. We’re advocates for the city and enjoy what the city has to offer.

We enjoy good food, delicious wine, and strong coffee. When it comes to food, we love Italian, Mexican, Indian, and basically all other cuisine. A light roast is our preference when it comes to coffee. If we had to pick our favorite wine, we’d go with a Cabernet Sauvignon, but, really, that’s like trying to pick our favorite child.

We’re suckers for fancy restaurants that have cloth napkins, but we don’t appreciate it when the portions are small. If they make fancy craft cocktails, we’ll love it even more.

We’re proud feminists and love strong women who fight for equality. We want to empower women to fulfill their potential and be their best selves. We’re also strong supporters of women who take control of their sexuality. We believe that it is every woman’s right to be in control of their sex life.

Mindfulness, meditation, and finding calm moments in our busy lives are important to us. We make our mental health a priority and feel no shame with being in touch with our feelings.

We welcome you to the Book Hubbub community and hope you will connect with us!